Lunes, Abril 29, 2013


Should we depend on our children to take care of everything for us on our retirement age? 

Proverbs 10:5 He who gathers crops in summer is a prudent son, but he who sleeps during harvest is a disgraceful son.


Salin sa Magandang Balita Biblia: 
Kawikaan 10:5"Ang nag-iimbak kung tag-araw ay nagpapakilala ng katalinuhan, ngunit ang natutulog kung anihan ay nag-iipon ng kahihiyan."

Personal Application:

After reading this verse, I can’t help but recall what I heard from a church message saying “From the age 18 to 50 is the sunny days of our lives. It is where our candles are highly lit up.”  So true, in these ages we can manage to earn and have employment…make a good harvest
and save.  We can also be diligent and vigorous at work or business because we are physically fit during this age…matured and ripe enough to make good decisions in life. We can earn enough not only for our family but also for ourselves for our retirement.

God is telling me to work and save for my retirement. It is what I understood about this message. It is also what is in my heart and mind since I was young. I remember what a parent once said. “ Oh! I will just let my children take care of me when I get old. It is their responsibility!”

“ Is it?” Is it because I spend a lot raising my children to have a good life that I should not save a little for me and my husband and burden our future to our children? NO! Although it is really a responsibility of one family member to care for the other,  because that is what family is really all about, we should try not to burden our children. We are not really sure of what their destiny is going to be or we are not certain of the plans that God has made for them. If our children want to do something great for us and give us care, let them do it on their own will. If we give them love and care there is no reason that they would not be able to give it voluntarily in return. 

I have always dreamed of the day that my grand children would come to me and I would be able to give them gifts to make them happy.(Most grandparents are known to be like that.) It would be a less burden to my children if we could afford to buy our own medicines and pay for our own hospital charges if needed. (Of course, much better if we would not need to.) It would be such a wonderful time that we could manage to travel, eat and live a simple life while our children make their own and this could only be possible if we can manage to save during our sunny days.

I am still at the sunny days of my life. It would be a real shame if we were given a chance to earn and not grab it while we can. As a baker would say, “ Grab it while it’s hot!” Let us gather the crops while it is harvest time so that we would not have to live in shame when the sun goes down.


Our Heavenly Father, I maybe near the end of my sunny days, but I thank you Lord for warning me.. I would gather all the crops I can harvest and save them. I would try to do my best to save and be wise Amen

Lesson Learned:

Never pass an opportunity to have good earnings and if we are able to earn..SAVE!... not only for our children but also for our retirement.

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  1. I am blessed to have known Christ earlier on in my life and to be part of a church whose biblical stand has not been tarnished with the passing of time.

    Saving for the future or a rainy day is thought in Proverbs. It is not our children's responsibility to pay for our needs when we reach our senior years but it would be certainly a blessing if they could help.

  2. It is not our children's responsibility but if you have inflicted good values in them, I'm sure they would be very eager to pay you back.

    Mga Tugon
    1. Very very true. Sis. Love will definitely take in control and we would not have to ask.

  3. You know, we really do need to save for our retirement because you cannot totally depend on your children in those twilight years, I always keep telling my officemates about to retire not to spend their retirement money on stuff like cars or properties because someday they are going to need it-for meds and personal needs.