Linggo, Pebrero 22, 2015


Once I read a post that says," Most of our sources are real and organic, how come there are many plastics?"

I realized that the post wasn't pertaining to the minerals of this earth but to the kind of people that the society have now. Perhaps the maker of that post pertains to a traitor or someone who is not showing his/her true feelings or opinion. He or she experienced betrayal and might be looking for someone who is honest..plain...real....that the person who made that post was being honest to oneself by being open of the feelings present at the moment.

But then in my thoughts answer to this question,How come there are many who are plastic? 

Could it be ...that one person chose to be "plastic" so that that person could still manage to be nice with us and stay around while we are displaying our stinking and rotten-garbage-like  "real" character?

(Remember, nowadays, one of the most reliable and durable material to use for stinking and rotten items like garbage and decaying things are plastics.It is one good and immediate packaging we can use if we want to keep that stinking-rotten thing or garbage around us without getting bothered or hurt.)

Could it be...that while we are displaying our real act to show who we are, we are already hurting other people in process? 

Could it be...that they chose to turn themselves to be "plastics" because they still wanted to preserve the good in relationship that they have shared and would like to maintain it that way even if that cost them to be hurt inside..hoping to heal by itself at a God given time. We bash them and hurt them because we are "real" and when they do not speak and just smiled, we branded them as "plastic".

Could it be...that we "real" people saying  and doing what ever that is on our mind...for the sake of being real is already regardless of other people's feeling might already have a stinking and rotten attitude and character that only a "plastic" person can manage to survive?

I am not defending the "plastics", not even encouraging this act and we all love to be and have what is "real' just that...
these thoughts just came into my mind...looking on the other side of the road while looking at that post... 
thinking of what could it be...if we are being branded as "plastic"?, 

We are pretty sure that if we are "real" and honest but felt betrayed..we could really hurt  a lot. We should understand that too.

From this, I wish to impart that there is nothing wrong with being frank and real and honest but we also have to be sensitive to what we are going to do or say to others...that we cannot just judge and brand others based on what we simply see or hear or learned.

God second most important rule: 
Love others just how much as we love ourselves.

Have a blessed day!

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