Linggo, Oktubre 13, 2013

Bad Guys Eliminated

Proverbs 11:10

10 When the righteous prosper, the city rejoices;
    when the wicked perish, there are shouts of joy.
New International Version (NIV)

Kawikaan 11:8 (Tagalog) Magandang Balita Biblia (TPV)
10 Kapag ang matuwid ay pinagpapala ang bayan ay nagagalak, ngunit higit ang katuwaan kapag ang masama’y napapahamak.

How would you feel if one had been proven guilty of a crime suffered while paying its penalty?

This is one honest remark. A reality…that people would be happy once the criminals are punished or the “bad guys” suffers.

4 (na) komento:

  1. I think po, everyone has to pay for what they have done. If do good, I always believe you will be rewarded. Otherwise, you will harvest the fruit of what you sow. Siguro po, people are happy not because they will see a bad person suffers but because justice has been served. Everyone deserves a second chance, kahit pa gaano kasama ang tao. Kaya naman un pinakmabigat na sentence dito sa atin is life imprisonment lang para naman marealize at makapagbagong buhay din sa loob ang taong nahatulan. Pwera na lang if he chose to be bad, nasa kanya na po un.

  2. I agree din po with Sis Maye. I guess people are happy not because they see this bad guy suffer but because they have finally achieved the justice that they need.

  3. It's true people tend to say "buti nga sa kanya and sama nya"! that's the initial reaction, but people are just pleased to see that justice had been served not that the person is suffering.

  4. Like others, one of the first thing to came in mind is "mainam at naparusahan kayo". However, just like others said, "not all prisoners are guilty, some just cannot afford to defend their part."